(Mo) Dream Waterfall – place for recreation and relaxation

Hue is entering the hot summer days, certainly tourist destinations such as rivers, streams, and the sea are indispensable in your vacation list. One of Hue tourist destinations, with the coolest weather on the most hot summer days, is Mo Dream Waterfall.

Mo Dream Waterfall is located in Nam Dong District, Thua Thien Hue Province. Dream waterfall is an ideal place for tourists from Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang provinces, from Da Nang to Mo challenge is only 45km and from Hue City Center is only 60km, you can go by car or young people from Da Nang can go on a motorbike to admire the beautiful, fresh and majestic beauty of Hai Van pass.

Hue weather no matter how hot, when you come here you will enjoy a different flow of weather by the altitude and mountains here. It is cool in the afternoon and can be chilly when it comes to afternoon, not unlike the weather in Dalat, also can be compared to Mo waterfall is Dalat in the heart of Hue city.

Go to Nam Dong, you go to An Cu Tay village, then follow the road called Bald Mit, all this way a green, majestic, pristine space will open to signal you have arrived.

Now coming to Mo Dream Waterfall is like a road to the first scene, the more I go, the greener I feel, the more I feel like going back to nature, the mountains, and covering all the dirt and noise in the bustling city. busy, tired of work, study, Nhu forgot all to immerse himself in the landscape here.

In the past, I heard many names about Dream Waterfall but it was very difficult to come to Dream Waterfall. The road is not yet as concrete as it is now. To reach the falls from the parking lot, visitors have to walk nearly 2km. Now, Thac Mo has been invested and put into operation to welcome visitors in the summer tourist season. The road to the falls has been widened, motorbikes have been able to reach the destination, helping to reduce the visitors’ hardships, more convenient transportation, including on-site parking. Just get off the car, you can immerse yourself in nature with cool water.

The most impressive thing when coming here is the three high waterfalls, pouring white water, rushing into three clear lakes in the shadow of trees, as well as marking this as the last point to use the foot of the stream. country. The surface of the lake is clear and can penetrate large and small rocks to the bottom of the lake. Each household is up to 100m2 wide, can accommodate all visitors here.

The scenery, the sound of birds, the sound of flowing water, the sound of falls and the humming of people, make laughter sound like making a special melody of the mountains, creating a song of nature, once Visitors will never forget it.

Not only that, visitors here no longer worry about stopping and resting. This place has been invested, designed up to 20 huts high and low along the rocks. Between the two banks are small bamboo bridges erected, which are both photo spots and ideal views, while giving visitors a lost feeling in a very wild and idyllic setting.

Knowing the tourist strengths that Mo waterfall brings, Falls have now been more exploited by localities, giving visitors the best experience. Transportation is easy, resort services are on the spot, so recently, visitors to Mo Dream Waterfall are not only local but also remote and foreign guests.

If you are still struggling or finding an ideal summer cooling spot, this is your choice. Hurry up and come to Mo Dream Waterfall.