1. Opening time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily.

2.Please buy an entrance ticket according to the regulations of YesHue Eco. Buy tickets at the price listed at the ticket counter. Do not give tickets directly to ticket inspectors.

3.Please park the vehicle at the parking area. Not to enter the forest without permission from the YesHue Eco Management.

4.Please do not bring food, drinks into the resort (each person can hold a 500ml bottle of mineral water / glass bottle)

5.Please do not use chemicals in the resort such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel or other chemicals.

6.No carrying plastic bags, plastic bottles, not picking flowers, breaking branches, collecting plant specimens and birds and animals in the resort.

7.Protecting campus and environment. Do not bring plastic bags, plastic bottles, do not pick flowers, break branches, collect plant specimens and birds and animals in the tourist area.

8. Strictly abide by the regulations on fire prevention and fighting. Do not bring flammable, explosive or banned substances into the tourist area. Do not smoke in locations near the forest, in crowded places or in areas prone to fire or explosion.

9. Do not inscribe writing on trees, cliffs or any other area in the resort.

10. Please handling your stuff and luggages by yourself.

11.You self-preservation luggage, personal property.

12.Completely obey the warning signs at the YesHue Eco (depth, forbidden to swim, ban near dangerous places, …). YesHue Eco is not responsible for any risks if you do not comply with the tourist signs or warnings.

13.Wearing a life jacket for everyone before swimming. Children must have adult take care and management.

14. When detecting a case of drowning, immediately notify the rescue forces and people around them in order to promptly rescue.

15. Do not use personal audio devices such as loudspeakers, microphones in the resort.

16. Guests filming, wedding photography, overnight camping or business contact, please contact the ticket office for instructions.

17. Do not scuffle, fight, keep security and public order.

18.For collective activities, team building please contact Management before organizing.

19. If you intentionally violate the above regulations, the Management Board has the right to invite you to leave the Resort and not refund the ticket or will notify the responsible agencies to handle. If material damages occur, compensation will be made according to the value of the property at the time of occurrence.

Take nothing but pictures!

Leave nothing but footprints!

Do not throw rubbish outside the bins!

Open Hour

YesHue Eco tourist area
Address: Xuan Phu Hamlet, Huong Phu Commune, Nam Dong District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam
Hotline: 038.8088.872